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The CoWork Space was built to help women like you thrive at working from home.

We’re a community providing a safe haven for women pioneering the growing movement of remote working. 💅

While working from home has its many (MANY) benefits, we know it can also have its challenges. That’s where we come in. We’re building a community to help women face these challenges and live their best remote lives by:

  • Sending original, fun, educational content straight to your inbox every week
  • Highlighting work and productivity tools to help you get shit done
  • Offering self-care tips to help combat loneliness and burnout so you stay motivated
  • Professional development opportunities
  • …And so much more is in the works!

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“I remember seeing the concept and being REALLY excited. Been in love ever since!”

– Marly D.

“I just love the inclusion for all of us who can relate to the remote life in any capacity!”

– Shelbi

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– Melissa J.

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