Helping women build the life they want, where they want.


This is the mantra that led to the creation of The CoWork Space. Are you a woman who works from home? Doesn’t matter if you work from home full-time, part-time, as part of a huge company, or for yourself: We built this community for you.

As remote working becomes more prevalent in our lives, we aim to be a haven for women who work from home by offering advice on managing the pros and the cons of a remote lifestyle, professional development tips and opportunities to advance their careers, and just generally fun, relatable content specific to living that work-from-home life!

We’re currently trying to practice what we preach by developing The VIP Lounge, which is a special membership for those who want to enjoy even more benefits of being a part of The CoWork Space. With perks like giveaways, discounts, Q&As with special guests, and a Members-Only Facebook Workplace group, we truly never stop trying to spoil our members! Stay tuned to join 😊

About Our Founder

The CoWork Space was founded by Krista Doyle after she quit her full-time content marketing job to start her own digital marketing agency, Content Is Queen. CIQ’s team is fully-remote and consists of amazing writers and marketers from Texas, California, Louisiana, Wyoming, and the UK.

Whether you’re already working from home or you’re trying to find your way there, let our community at The CoWork Space help you build the life you want, where you want.