If Dunder Mifflin Was A Remote Company

Dunder Mifflin Paper Co. is one of the most iconic small businesses to ever grace our television sets. Having the characters all together in the workplace created 9 seasons of hilarious situations, but have you ever wondered what The Office would be like without the actual office?

Here’s what we think the employees would be up to if Dunder Mifflin was a remote company…

Michael Scott

michael scott wfh.gif

Since Dunder Mifflin went remote, Michael stayed on even after moving to Colorado with Holly. Jim’s graph that shows how Michael spends his time still applies: 80% distracting others, 19% procrastinating, 1% critical thinking. Anytime he receives a notification, he abandons what he’s working on and checks it immediately. He is constantly blowing up everyone’s Slack and doesn’t hesitate to share borderline NSFW articles.

Michael also recently learned about memes, but he’s always a few months late and can never seem to create one that makes sense.

Work tool he can’t live without: Giphy.com

Favorite Slack channel: #general, and he includes @channel on all of his messages.

Preferred coffee shop: Starbucks, which he thinks is local and a “different Starbucks” because they have a cool mural painted on the outside of it and play indie music.

Dwight Schrute

dwight schrute wfh.gif

Dwight works from his farm and other undisclosed remote, really remote, locations. He’s obsessed with security and refuses to work from public locations in fear that someone will hack his laptop and steal his client list, or worse, his personal information. He’s a proponent of installing employee monitoring software on all computers to crack down on time theft while working from home.

Mose is his secretary.

Work tool he can’t live without: 1Password

Favorite Slack channel: #conspiracy-theories

Preferred coffee shop: Dwight believes the coffee he makes at home is superior to any coffee he could get at a coffee shop.

Jim Halpert

jim halpert wfh.gif

When not out in the field meeting with clients, Jim works at a sleek, professional coworking space to separate his work life from his personal life. He never participates in Slack conversations except for direct convos with Pam, where they just screenshot and talk about what other people say in #general.

He regularly adds fake “Top Secret” government assignments to Dwight’s Trello board to keep the prank wars alive.

Work tool he can’t live without: Google Drive. He has access to all of Dwight, Andy, and Michael’s folders in case he ever needs them for prank reasons.

Favorite Slack channel: Eh.

Preferred coffee shop: He’s cool with whatever WeWork is serving.

Pam Beesly Halpert

pam beesly wfh.gif

If she’s not with Jim at the cowork space, Pam is comfortable working from a simple home office that doubles as her art studio. She has an organized collection of cute pens, pencils, and other supplies and often finds herself doodling instead of working.

She’s also gained quite the following on the Instagram she made for her art: @PamelaHalpArt

Work tool she can’t live without: Grammarly. She hates a typo.

Favorite Slack channel: #random, because it always provides great conversation at dinner with Jim

Preferred coffee shop: A little diner down the street. 

Ryan Howard

ryan howard wfh.gif

Judging from how often he uses the hashtag #digitalnomad on Instagram, it looks like Ryan is taking advantage of his remote job to travel the world, but it’s possible that it is all a facade and he’s just posting pictures he finds on Google or Unsplash. There’s a good chance he’s just drifting around mid-sized cities in Florida in the used mini-van his mom gave him.

Kelly keeps asking to come with him on a trip, but he conveniently always “Didn’t see her text until just now! Ugh, his phone is being so weird!”

Work tool he can’t live without: LinkedIn, on which he regularly writes vague posts about having “hustle.”

Favorite Slack channel: #shoutout, where he shouts out his own accomplishments instead of others’.

Preferred coffee shop: Some really pretentious local spot where the barista has a handlebar mustache.

Kelly Kapoor

kelly kapoor wfh.gif

Kelly works from trendy Scranton coffee shops and lets everyone know by posting a picture of her latte and laptop every morning on Instagram (Caption: “I’m coming for everything they said I couldn’t have. #bossbabe”) She rarely gets any work done, though, because she’s so focused on her new career advice blog, Kelly Kapoor: The Business Bitch.

Kelly also gets in very public fights with Ryan on the #general Slack channel despite Toby repeatedly asking them to please take it to their DMs.

Work tool she can’t live without: Canva

Favorite Slack channel: #memes

Preferred coffee shop: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Creed Bratton

creed bratton wfh.gif

No one has actually heard from Creed in months and he’s been idle on Slack for 172 days. Allegedly, he outsources all of his work and sells sandals and t-shirts outside of a budget beach resort in Mexico.

He is also under FBI investigation for possibly reviving one of his cults from the 70s.

Work tool he can’t live without: Upwork, for hiring his contractors.

Favorite Slack channel: He doesn’t really know how to use Slack and just accidentally posts stuff to his #slackbot DM.

Preferred coffee shop: He gets his coffee by wandering into various hotel lobbies every morning.

Stanley Hudson

stanley hudson wfh.gif

Remote work does wonders for Stanley’s stress levels. He’s the most relaxed he’s ever been and the doctors say it has dramatically reduced his risk of having a heart attack. He schedules all his meetings for the mornings, then goes golfing in the afternoons.

He has all Slack channels muted and only responds when absolutely necessary.

Work tool he can’t live without: The only work tool he uses is his email.

Favorite Slack channel: No.

Preferred coffee shop: Anywhere with bagels.

Angela Martin

angela martin wfh.gif

Angela has found that her personality is actually perfectly suited for working from home and loves being home with her cats all day. She still insists on heading the Party Planning Committee, and the parties are the only time everyone sees each other IRL…if anyone shows up at all.

Angela and Dwight have separate home offices to keep things professional.

Work tool she can’t live without: The Bible (Old Testament)

Favorite Slack channel: #pets which she floods with selfies of her and her cats

Preferred coffee shop: There are too many people at coffee shops and it’s very loud.

Kevin Malone

kevin malone wfh.gif

Kevin finds time to work in between watching porn and making himself sandwiches. He loves working from home because he rarely has to put on pants and the flexibility of his schedule allows him to take on more gigs with Scrantonicity.

Work tool he can’t live without: Postmates

Favorite Slack channel: #food

Preferred coffee shop: ??…he literally JUST said Postmates.

Oscar Martinez

oscar martinez wfh.gif

Ryan pretends to be a digital nomad, whereas Oscar really lives that #travel life. He recently reunited with Gil and they are living it up exploring the world together on Dunder Mifflin’s dime.

He and Gil return to Scranton every summer to spend a week with Angela and Oscar’s godson at the beet farm.

Work tool he can’t live without: QuickBooks, because he actually does work.

Favorite Slack channel: #travel

Preferred coffee shop: Depends on which country he’s in.

Phyllis Lapin Vance

phyllis lapin wfh.gif

There is literally no difference between Phyllis’ office life and her work-from-home life. The only time she stops knitting or playing solitaire is to attend client meetings.

Her alarm clock is Bob bringing her breakfast in bed every morning.

Work tool she can’t live without: iMessage, so she can send Bob, uh, important photos throughout the day.

Favorite Slack channel: #office-gossip

Preferred coffee shop: She sometimes ventures out to the Scranton staple, Abe’s Deli.

Meredith Palmer

meredith palmer wfh.gif

Meredith has a sporadic schedule and never works during normal business hours. The earliest that she’s ever online is 2 pm and is presumably hungover for most of the morning.

Work tool she can’t live without: BumbleBizz. She swears she only uses it to meet suppliers.

Favorite Slack channel: #random

Preferred coffee shop: Anywhere that doesn’t mind her bringing in a whiskey flask.

Erin Hannon

erin hannon wfh.gif

Erin meets Kelly at a coffee shop at least twice a week for coworking. She also records all of Kelly’s videos for her Insta Live stories and YouTube channel and is so thrilled just to be helping out. People often mistake her for the actress on a silly Netflix show about a once-kidnapped girl in NYC, but she doesn’t see the resemblance.

She takes advantage of working from home by going to visit her parents as often as she can.

Work tool she can’t live without: Skype. She loves to video call Michael at least once a day to catch up.

Favorite Slack channel: #Ladies-of-dunder-mifflin

Preferred coffee shop: The Starbucks inside of Target

Andy Bernard

andy bernard wfh.gif

Andy hates working from home alone, so he has a membership at the same WeWork as Jim, though for some reason, Jim never seems to choose a desk next to his. He loves his flexible schedule, because it allows him to tour with his college band buds, Here Comes Treble.

Work tool he can’t live without: Skillshare, because he hates sales and wants to change careers

Favorite Slack channel: #random

Preferred coffee shop: Dunkin Donuts, because he’s an east coast-er. Because he went to Cornell. Ever heard of it?

There are obviously many more beloved employees at Dunder Mifflin. Let us know who you wish we’d included and how you think they live their work from home life!


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*Article co-written by Katie Duncan.

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